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Located inside Velocity /Stack Sports Performance Center


Some tips and insights for winter running safety

As the temperatures plummet and ice and snow cover our running surfaces, our exercise walkers and especially our runners become more prone to injury some of you wear ice grips on your runners to help with traction. With slippery surfaces, runners increase their stride width-so you run with your feet farther apart, and you tend to decrease your stride length as well as taking shorter and choppier steps.

In a literature review,runners need to reduce their mileage, reduce intensity, and get stronger and more flexible because of these biomechanical patterns, this comes from Reed Ferber the director of the Running Clinic at the University of Calgary.

Research has shown that hip strenght is even more critical under these running conditions, Specifically the gluteus medius muscle, the muscle on the side of your hip. This is one of your main core muscles, it's also the most important muscle that controls side to side balance. So the strenght of this muscle is extremely important to maintain. So I recommend doing strengthening exercises for this muscle daily. The exercises may include planks, clam shell exercises and various yoga poses. I like to use resistance bands.

Stretching is even more important in cold weather for many reasons the most important being the cold temperatures causes muscle contraction and in the slippery conditions your taking shorter choppier steps as well as decreasing your stride length.

Under these conditions, you use your hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes a lot more. So strenght and stretching become more important than in 70 degree weather with perfect surfaces. 









Our Practice

Welcome to Dr. Lee Cohen and Associates podiatric sports medicine and rehabilitation practice, with loctions in Ridley Park, PA, and Cherry Hill, NJ

Our unique Sports Podiatry medical practice addresses three areas:

  • The treatment of conditions and injuries of the lower extremity (i.e., hip to foot).
  • The correction of lower extremity problems, especially in athletes, that could lead to injury.
  • The correction of lower extremity problems, especially in athletes, that could lead to diminished athletic performance.

In a nutshell, our practice addresses treatment, injury prevention, and athletic performance enhancement.

Dr Cohen is one of the country's leading physicians in these areas. He is on the medical staff of professional sports teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76'ers and Philadelphia Wings Professional Lacrosse team (check out the Eagle Gallery). He advises numerous college athletic programs on injury prevention and performance enhancement. Hundreds of professional and college athletes seek his advice. The nice thing is that anyone who visits our offices can receive the same renowned care as these professional and college athletes.

This site contains useful information for anyone looking for advice about lower extremity conditions and treatment. There are videos where Dr Cohen himself discusses common lower extremity problems, and a video lecture series for athletic trainers. Patient handouts, (in PDF form) for home treatment is a popular section. The website also includes basic information like directions to our offices, What's New, and much more.

Whether you're seeking treatment for an injury, or interested in gaining a performance edge for your athletic program or team, Dr Cohen and associates are the doctors to see!  We can get you back in the game.

Patient Scheduling
Patients with emergency problems and patients with sports related injuries are scheduled immediately. New patients with general concerns are seen within 72 hours or sooner. Please mention to the receptionist if you have a sports related injury.

Weekend coverage is available and Dr. Cohen or his associate is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Dr. Cohen also has 6 surgical residents who can help follow your emergency care. For emergencies call our office at 610-522-9200.

Your Appointment
We realize that your time is valuable and we will make every effort to limit your stay in the reception area to a minimum. Occasionally, emergency patients may take longer than we expect, which could delay your appointment. Please bear with us during these times .

Community Service
Dr. Cohen provides free community service programs including gait analysis (walking habits) and foot screenings. Please see our office manager if you or your organization are interested in these services.

Thank You
Finally we want to thank you for choosing us to provide your foot and ankle care to providing your care.  We realize you can go anywhere, and chose us. We will work hard to maintain your confidence.
-- Dr. Lee Cohen